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project details
Contestable, Client-side & BoP works

Civil & Electrical Balance of Plant Works

  • Carry out Principal Designer and Principal Contractor duties as defined under CDM Regulations 
  • Design Works included Site Layout Plan; SLD; HV & LV Cable Layout; Earthing Studies; P28/P29/G5-4 System Studies; Battery Container Foundations and all As-Built Documentation 
  • Full time Site Manager and HSEQ Management 
  • Site Security – 24/7 remotely monitored CCTV and Welfare Units 
  • Supply & Install Below and Above Ground Earthing 
  • Supply & Install access track from highway boundary on to site 
  • Drainage as required through site to a single discharge point 
  • 2.4m high fencing around site, plus all Landscaping to comply with planning conditions 
  • Supply & Install Concrete Block Foundations, and associated Piling for Battery Storage Containers, Transformers and MV Power Stations 
  • Supply & Install Crushed Stone, dark grey, porous surface within the proposed access track 
  • Supply and Install underground ducting for all 33kV Cabling and Supply & Install Above Ground Cable Ladder Rack / Tray Work Systems for MV & DC Cables as required 
  • Supply and Installation of 33kV Substation Equipment including Switchboards, Battery, and Charger, LVAC Board and Ground Mounted Auxiliary Transformer 
  • Supply & Install 33kV Al Cable, and Multicore Cable including Cable Jointing and Terminations

Contestable Works DNO Compound

  • Civil Design included Site Layout; DNO Control Room; Earth Switch & CVT Foundation Design; Compound Drainage Design; Cable Trough Design; and associated As-Built Documentation 
  • Civil Project Management, including HSEQ Management 
  • Supply & Install 65m of External Palisade Fencing and 1 External Palisade Gate to NIE specification 
  • Supply & Install 110kV Disconnector Foundations; 110kV CVT Foundations; 110kV Post CT Foundations and Lighting Column Foundations 
  • Supply & Install Cable Trough within the Compound 
  • Supply & Install Below Ground Earthing within the NIE Compound 
  • Supply & Install 1x NIE Block-Built Control Room 
  • Supply & Install Internal Compound Stone and Drainage 

Contestable Works Client-side Compound

  • Compound Earthing Layout 
  • Civil Design included Single Line Diagram; Protection Drawings; Substation Compound Layout; Transformer Design Works; Switchroom Foundation; Busbar Connection Details and all associated As-Built Documentation 
  • Supply & Install 110kV Dead Tank Circuit Breaker Foundation, 110kV Disconnector Foundation, 110/33kV Transformer Bund including NER Foundations & Auxiliary Earthing Transformer Bund Foundation 
  • Supply & Install Customer Cable Troughs & Ducts 
  • Supply & Install 80m of External Palisade Fencing and 1 x External Palisade Gate 
  • Supply & Install gravel Unbound Access Road within the Compound 
  • Supply & Install Below Ground Earthing within the Customer Compound 
  • Supply & Install a GRP Containerised Switchroom for the 33kV Switchboard and all Control Equipment 
  • Supply & Install HV Equipment including 110kV Dead Tank Circuit Breaker; 110kV Manually Operated Line Disconnectors plus Integrated Earth Switch; 60MVA 110/33V Transformers; Auxiliary Earthing Transformer; Transformer Bund Pump; NER; 110kV Busbars and Clamps; Panel, 1250A, 33V Transformer Circuit Breaker 
  • Supply & Install 1 x 110kV Steel Support Structures as required for the Line Disconnectors and Earth Switch 
  • Supply & Install all 33kV and LV Cabling within the Compound 
  • Supply & Install Transformer HV & LV Protection Panels; Transformer Automatic Tap Change (AVC) Control Panel 
  • Supply & Install Above Ground Earthing to Support Structures and Equipment within the Customer Compound 
  • Supply & Install 2 x External Lighting Columns and Foundations plus Light Fittings including Low Voltage Cables within the Compound 

Project Statistics

Project: Drumkee Battery Storage
Completed: December 2020
Output: 110kV
Location: County Tyrone
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