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Large scale centralised EV charging hubs

G2 Energy have extensive experience with large scale centralised EV Charging Hubs. G2 will liaise with the local DNO and assist with the associated grid connection and then design and build a suitable electrical infrastructure for multiple EV chargers.
Typically these projects are either centralised fast charging hubs (electric forecourts), operated by a number of national Charge Point Operators (CPOs) along the ever expanding electric highway or alternatively large scale charging stations for EV fleet operators, such as bus operators and delivery companies.

boosting capacity

Often the existing electrical grid connection is not suitable for the increased capacity required for the EV chargers, and if the local grid is unable to support an argumentation or upgrade of the grid connection, then G2 could install a number of static battery storage units to “boost” the capacity. The static batteries will trickle charge through the existing low-capacity grid connection, store the energy and then release this into the EV fleet as and when required. This is a very cost efficient solution to a constrained grid connection.

of (medium) wind turbines and solar PV projects to the grid between 2012 and 2016.
There is also an added commercial benefit that any spare capacity from the battery system, could be “traded” back into the grid by using a registered aggregator working with National Grid to optimise your investment.